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An affordable way of securing your IT systems. Network and server problems can affect you and your business in a number of ways.
We take these worries away from you, giving you peace of mind and leaving you free to run and grow your business.

Automated Monitoring

A big part of staying ahead of problems is by monitoring your hardware for issues and fix them before they become disruptive. 

Automated Maintenance

We provide you with tailored maintenance to keep your IT running. 

Patch Management

Part of the security of your computer is to make sure that updates and security patches are applied appropriately. 

Service Desk

Our Service Desk Portal will allow your employees to find the support and answers they need.

Remote Access

You call us and we take control right awy . Our Remote Access support makes it easy and fast to resolve your issues.

Managed Antivirus

Your security is important to us. Wit our Managed Antivirus solution we help prevent damages to your computer and your data.

Web Protection

The web can be a dangerous place when left totally open, we can reduce your risk of falling pray to unscrupulous websites.


Our alerting system can let you know of any issues happening on your systems so we can fix them before they become disruptive to your business.


 Be in the know. With our reporting module we keep you updated of what is happening in your network.

System Tray

Avoid searching for phone numbers or contact information when an issue arise. With Adetti System Tray icon, we are only a click away.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are now a big part of any business. We can help you protect against device loss, enable cost control and empower BYOD staff to work quicker, more efficiently and more flexibly.

Apps Management

With Apps management we can remove the headaches that come from managing cloud based application like Office 365, Google apps, etc...

Managed Backup

No business should ever be without backup. Our solution will help you with securing your data and restoring them in case of a data loss.

Asset Tracking

Do you know your hardware? With our Asset Tracking solution we can keep track of any hardware and software on your network.

Network Integration

From simple network management to full domain implementation, our Network Integration solution allows us to manage all aspects of your network giving you full peace of mind over your IT.

Protecting your Data and your Business!

How safe is your vital information? What if your data was stolen?
Managed Security helps to protect your systems, minimize data theft and safeguard your business.


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About Adetti

Adetti Communications Corporation is a technology company and a provider of Managed IT Services, and other services like Software development, Document Scanning services, Managed Hosting services and VoIP Phone services.


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